The general problem of spam, logon, blogging, and money

blogs - each blog, unlike usenet, is inherently moderated, solving the moron problem, but lacks usenets sophisticated newness and reply tracing. RSS feeds give newness information, but lose rich content (an entirely unacceptable loss) and lose the already inadequate threading information.

Google provides a workaround for the newness problem, but really, you want to be able to immediately see what is new on a thread, wherever posted, so the Google fix is pretty much half assed - showing you new blog posts, rather than new action on a thread.

The correct behavior is to show you a thread, rather than a blog - generated from your view of the thread (what is new to you in the thread) plus the blog's view of the thread (what it thinks is not spam). Anything posted to a thread should appear on all blogs participating in a thread, unless the blog owner chooses to filter it - blogs should work like usenet, but with html instead of plain text, decentralized spam filtering and censorship of morons.

The underlying mechanism should be usenet like on a thread basis - each blog gets the latest posts on a thread from those blogs and threads it is subscribing to - for some blogs automatically, for some with varying degrees of blog owner review.


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